Responsive Websites

In the world of hospitality, it’s all about the customer. When you want website visitors to book a hotel room with you, user experience is critical. In a recent study, around 64% of consumers stated that customer reviews are more important to them than the price of a hotel. If your hotel has its own website, you are given more flexibility when it comes to managing user experiences and customer perceptions. You can tailor your site to show its unique personality, style, and strength.

One of the best ways to show the strength of your hotel online is through a responsive website. These offer the consumer a much better mobile experience than using corporate sites that are mobile optimized or downloadable apps. When you use these kinds of websites, you offer your consumers endless options to interact with other guests while integrating those social activities into the online presence of the hotel. These responsive websites can also offer your international customers translations that are higher quality and optimize options that can be customized to the needs of the customer. The IT guy over at Attorney Norcross, who I know very well has these same opinions, so it isn’t an off the wall tactic. There are many other tools available through these responsive websites, such as an app to make restaurant reservations, event calendars, videos, and more.

Though corporate sites can help build the brand of the flag hotel, the independent site is better able to convey what is unique about your individual hotel with its services, location, and property. Using the independent site is also a great way to showcase guest reviews about your individual hotel and any positive press that you have received, boosting the overall reputation of the hotel. There are some other ways that it independent site can help the online presence of your hotel:

  • Adding a unique presence for your property online helps boost your exposure on Google.
  • By using an independent site, you will be able to capture email addresses, use blogging to engage the audience, and better target your audience in your marketing efforts, thus decreasing your overall marketing costs.
  • Building an independent website allows an individual hotel to build their own value, something that could greatly benefit the hotel if ownership ever changes.

As you can see, there are many reasons you should consider building a responsive website for your hotel. Give the above advice some consideration to determine if an independent website is for you.