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In the hotel/hospitality industry, reputation management is a big factor these days. Between third-party review sites and social media, everyone in the hospitality industry is beginning to realize how important their online reputation is. Research shows that around 75% of customers think that hospitality companies are not truthful in their advertisements, making the online ratings and reviews more important than ever in the industry. Further study showed the following:

  1. When a company receives a negative comment or review on their Facebook or YouTube sites, the company will lose up to 30 customers.
  2. Customers have started booking hotels based on their reviews more than on their price or location.
  3. Close to 92% of people using the Internet will read reviews on products before making a purchasing decision.
  4. Around 64% of customers make their travel plans based on social media. Out of these, 76% use social media sites for planning their next vacation.
  5. Around 30% of vacationers solicit advice on their trip planning from their social networks.

As you can see, having a good online reputation is imperative to any business in the hospitality industry. We will be discussing this on the site along with how you can better your reputation through what you provide. We will also discuss jobs in hospitality management and how to find a hospitality job that fits you.