To Build, or Not to Build

When is building a website for your hotel the right step? When you have an independent hotel, it’s a well-known fact that you should have a website, but if your hotel is branded, should you create a website separate from the corporate website?

Over the years, things have changed a lot, but there is one thing that has remained the same. People enjoy traveling, and travel is becoming easier. My friend over at tax resolution services Atlanta travels literally once a month even it is a close long weekend trip.

Online, one of the most competitive industries is travel, especially with the number of options available with hotels. So, how will your hotel be able to stand out from the others? Are even more important, how can you increase your bookings and attract more guests?

If you build a website independent from your corporate site, you will be able to showcase your hotel and possibly increase your online brand awareness and exposure, increase the bookings your hotel gets, and tap into many other benefits that you otherwise would not.

Not every hotel will greatly benefit from an independent site, though. If it makes sense for your hotel, there are a lot of advantages you will find in creating your own website rather than depending on the corporate site or travel agencies online.

Determining if your hotel will benefit from an independent site is dependent on many factors. There can be many benefits associated with an independent site, without a doubt, but hotels must be ready to commit to marketing the site and keeping it maintained before they began the process of site building.

If your hotel is independent or a boutique hotel, you will be able to show off your hotel’s personality and amenities through building a website. If you have a high-end resort or hotel, you could also benefit from an independent website, but if your hotel offers limited services, you likely do not need one.