Managing Your Hotel’s Online Reputation

Many times, it feels like you work so hard at getting your hotel where you wanted to be online, but then one unfortunate incident threatens to destroy the work you have done. It can be hard for a business to manage the reputation, because the reality of even having to do so can seem so petty, but it is important. Below are some ideas to help you keep your reputation management and check for your hotel.

Transparency and honesty are key when you want to ensure your customers trust you. Never try to cover up or remove negative customer posts from your site. If you do this, you will make the customers believe you do not care about them or you are ignoring their concerns. It is always best to be upfront concerning any potential issues your hotel may be facing.

Also, always be sure to track the success of every post you make on your social media sites. There are many programs you can find online that will help you keep track of how many times your business is mentioned. The same programs will also inform you if someone shares what you have posted.

Speaking of social media sites, be sure to constantly post photos, videos, or anything else you have of events that are taking place your hotel. Customers involved in those events are very likely to share your post about the event with others in their social media circles. For instance, we had the best wedding photography in Atlanta at the hotel I was managing a few years ago. I got permission to post some of their photos on our hotel website and Facebook page. Many of the people involved in the wedding shared the photos from my site to their own pages. This one event greatly increased my likes on Facebook.


Use a conversational tone anytime you speak with your audience. Customers will know if you are only speaking to them because you want to market your hotel. They you do want to sale to them, you never want to make the customer believe that is the only reason you are concerning yourself with them.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea on how to manage your reputation online. It can be a hard job to keep up with your online reputation in the hotel business, but it is an important factor to keep your hotel bringing in the customers.