Using SEO for Your Hotel

With the amount of competition in the online travel industry, it is critical to have a strong SEO strategy to make any hotels website successful. If you’re wanting to favorably rank on search engines, there are many advantages available to independent sites that are not willing to simply rely on their brand-name or a third-party website. Here are some of the benefits:

  • You will have better content. With SEO strategy, one of the fundamentals is lots of content. Most corporate sites use templates that are limiting and restrict the frequency of posting, images used, internal linking, character counts, and the number of pages. These are all huge roadblocks when it comes to ranking a website.
  • Keeps you current with industry standards and technology: when you have an independent website, you are able to more quickly adapt to any changes in industry standards or technology. You will no longer have to wait for the corporate site to update their site.
  • You will stand out more online: Google and other search engines constantly try to prevent what they call domain clustering, when the same domain name is listed in succession on search results. If you have an independent site, it has its own domain, so it is separate from the cluster of the corporate site. This would give your hotel an advantage when consumers enter the keywords, since your hotel will now have a unique chance on the search engine, even against their own brand name.
  • Gives your hotel more opportunities for advertising: if your hotel decides to advertise with pay per click (PPC), it will have a better chance at bringing in traffic and reducing advertising costs if it is an independent site. I know a guy over at gutter cleaning Alpharetta Ga that uses PPC a lot, and has on and offf results. If you simply rely on the corporate site, you will likely need to pay extra fees if they run their own PPC advertising.
  • Freedom to create local partnerships: when your hotel has an independent website, you have the freedom to build partnerships with local organizations through sharing their links and/or creating joint promotion offers. This can help these partnerships be mutually beneficial while they increase your SEO authority.
  • Allows you to know your consumers better: when your hotel has an independent site, you can set it up to gather details about your hotel visitors. This information can be very beneficial for improving your marketing efforts.

As you can see, it is important for independent hotel websites to consider an SEO strategy.